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McCoshen, Ross Production Will Host Star-Studded Guests to Answer the Question: ‘Who Will Win Wisconsin’s Electoral College Votes in 2020?’

Madison, WI – Political strategists and television pundits Democrat Scot Ross and Republican Bill McCoshen are bringing their 50 years of political experience to a new podcast, “WIN2020 With McCoshen and Ross.” The show will feature the duo talking politics with a new guest each episode to figure which party will win Wisconsin’s ten Electoral College votes and how they will do it.

“Wisconsin is going to decide the 2020 presidential election,” said McCoshen, former Chief of Staff to four-term Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson, “WIN2020 is going to go deep behind the scenes to figure out what each political party will have to do to win here and 2020 and who’s going to do it.”

“Wisconsin has been the closest state in the three most competitive presidential races in the last generation and 2020 will be no different,” said Democrat Scot Ross, former Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now. “WIN2020 will be a podcast for political veterans, experts, neophytes, nerds and armchair quarterbacks from both parties.”

McCoshen and Ross have been teaming up on political punditry for the last for years as a regular pair on NBC 15 in Madison’s “Unspun” segment with Leah Mills, winning the 2018 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Best Editorial/Commentary award, as well as Wisconsin Public Television’s “Here and Now” with Frederica Freyberg and the statewide “Capital City Sunday” show with Emilee Fannon.

The introductory episode is available here at

Bill McCoshen managed Tommy Thompson’s landslide third gubernatorial victory in 1994 making Tommy the first, and only, gubernatorial candidate ever elected to a third four-year term in Wisconsin. McCoshen also served as Communications Director on Tommy’s successful 1990 reelection campaign. McCoshen has served as an unpaid advisor to many other successful statewide campaigns including: JB Van Hollen (‘02/06), Scott Walker (‘10/’12), Ron Johnson (‘10/’16) and Brad Schimel 2010. He’s also advised on a few unsuccessful statewide campaigns, too! McCoshen is regularly sought out for commentary on Wisconsin politics by state and national news outlets.

Scot Ross has served as a communications director at various levels of state and federal government and on a variety of political campaigns, including the first woman to run for governor in Wisconsin history and the first woman elected Attorney General. He also served as the research director for America Coming Together in Washington, DC in 2004. Over a dozen years, Ross led One Wisconsin Now, building it from a 2,000-person email list into the most quoted progressive organization in Wisconsin. Ross is a regular guest on MSNBC, occasional guest on Fox News and One Wisconsin Now been quoted in media across the state and the nation.

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