On February 12, 2019, Governor Tony Evers “announced his plans to join the U.S. Climate Alliance” (https://www.usclimatealliance.org/publications/2019/2/12/wisconsin-governor-tony-evers-joins-us-climate-alliance).

Evers said, “It’s a new day in Wisconsin and it’s time to lead our state in a new direction where we embrace science, where we discuss the very real implications of climate change, where we work to find solutions, and where we invest in renewable energy. By joining the U.S. Climate Alliance, we will have support in demonstrating that we can take climate action while growing our economy at the same time.”

“The Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) is pleased to hear that Governor Evers will embrace science from now on. We expect a press release from the Governor’s office very soon rejecting transgenderism as normal and renouncing ‘biology deniers’ who claim children can be born transgender or that one can pick his or her gender identity,” said CPoW State Chairman Andrew Zuelke. “We Constitutionalists believe biology, we emphatically state that among humans there are only two sexes, that they are immutably determined for an individual very shortly after conception by the pairing of chromosomes – XX (female) or XY (male) – and that deviations from this which occur in nature are abnormalities rendering the individual infertile.”

The CPoW recognizes that biological sex cannot be defined outside of male and female binary options, that even abnormalities are defined in reference to the two sexes, and that, therefore, to psychologically identify with a biological sex outside of either male or female is at best to bind one’s identity to something which exists in nature only as a deformity. Thus, the CPoW is gravely concerned over the synthetic creation and enforcement of psychological norms in matters which nature itself has already ruled are not normal, but conditions which are abnormal and automatically selected out of the gene pool through infertility. So-called norms such as these are not natural, rather, Nature has set itself against these conditions, and those who embrace these ideas are bound to face the opposition of Nature, as well. For these reasons, among others, the CPoW is adamant in its insistence that all indoctrination programs being pushed by the Governor’s office and his party in every school district of our State, which enforce the aberrant and damaging ideas of transgenderism as prescriptive upon all our public school children and falsely bind their consciences contrary to Nature, be immediately halted.

Zuelke added, “Governor Evers may have been talking about ‘climate change’ when he boasted of ‘embracing science’, but biology is evidently a field of science which leftists distort whenever it serves their political agenda of disruptive social change.”

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