Contact: Jon Henkes
President and CEO
WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network

Madison…The leaders of the Wisconsin State Legislature are reaffirming their commitment to open government. On behalf of their chambers, Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) and Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) have signed a new, four-year agreement with the WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network, ensuring the actions of the Legislature are accessible to citizens everywhere.

WisconsinEye provides live and archived coverage of state Capitol proceedings, including floor sessions, public hearings, committee meetings, news conferences, and other events in both houses of the legislature.

“We are excited to continue providing nonpartisan, gavel-to-gavel coverage and insightful programming on state-related issues,” said WisconsinEye president Jon Henkes. “This independent, privately funded network would not exist were it not for the support of the Legislature. Our thanks to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos for their commitment to Wisconsin’s tradition of accessibility to, and openness in state government.”

“WisconsinEye provides an invaluable service to Wisconsinites, and I’m excited that we’re continuing to partner with them to bring more transparency to the legislative process,” said Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. “The Legislature’s activities will continue to be readily accessible for our constituents.”

“WisconsinEye allows for more public engagement in the legislative process by bringing the legislature to homes and cell phones across the state,” said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. “I’m glad that we’re continuing this important public service.”

Senate and Assembly coverage is available 24/7 on the WisconsinEye website ( and Spectrum cable TV statewide.

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