Milwaukee, WI–For the second time in two weeks, a judge has sided with the people of Wisconsin against the partisan power grab committed by Wisconsin Republican legislators. Key elements of the lame-duck legislation limiting the power of the new governor and attorney general have once again been struck down and the will of the voters has been lifted.

The Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (WFNHP) joined with other unions, including American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin and Service Employees International Union, to file the lawsuit to successfully challenge the legislation.

WFNHP President and RN, Candice Owley, issued the following statement after today’s ruling:

“Today’s ruling is a win for the people of Wisconsin who fight every day for affordable and accessible healthcare. In 2018, voters made their stance clear: Wisconsin will stand up for democracy and not let the power of a few drown out the voices of many.

Former Gov. Walker and his Republican legislature did everything in their power to reduce the Executive authority of Gov. Evers and Attorney General Kaul. Today’s decision makes clear they went too far and violated the Wisconsin state constitution which is why Judge Remington issued an injunction calling a halt to the overreach that took place in the last days of Walker’s term.

With this decision, we are on the right path to restoring a balance of power in our state politics so that the will of the people can be realized. We are proud to join with SEIU and other AFT locals in Wisconsin in this quest to restore democracy and justice to Wisconsin.”

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