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Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, released the following statement on today’s United States Supreme Court Decision on Partisan Gerrymandering:

It is an outrage the U.S. Supreme Court did not call for an end to the extreme partisan gerrymandering currently suffocating the rights and freedom of voters to fairly choose our own representation. Partisan gerrymandering is unjust, undemocratic, and un-American. While we are disappointed with the 5-4 ruling, the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO takes Chief Justice Roberts’ decision as a call to action. Our American values of democracy tell us voters deserve an electoral process where voters pick their representatives rather than politicians picking their voters.

Wisconsin voters deserve the freedom of fair representation. The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO has long-supported every effort to address partisan gerrymandering. We thank Gov. Evers for putting forth a budget that outlined a thorough action plan to implement non-partisan redistricting in Wisconsin.

It is shameful Wisconsin Republicans rejected non-partisan redistricting in Gov. Evers’ budget in a desperate attempt to cling to power and pull every dirty trick in the book to rig the rules of our democracy against the will of the voters.

The working men and women of the labor movement, on behalf of our state’s hard working families, strongly call on legislators from all sides of the aisle to come together to build a healthier democracy in Wisconsin by taking up and passing a bill to implement non-partisan redistricting reform at the state level before the 2021 redistricting process begins. Assembly Bill 303, an outline to fair maps in Wisconsin, currently sits in the legislature waiting for debate.

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