MADISON- Today, Treasurer Godlewski highlighted the fiscal impact of the Federal Government shutdown on Wisconsin workers and their families.

Godlewski stated that “in the 5 weeks that our government was shutdown without guardrails to protect employees, Wisconsinites experienced $25.7 million in lost wages.”

“Wisconsin is home to almost 30,000 federal employees, and these hard-working employees deserve stronger protections that will ensure their economic security when the Federal Government fails them by no fault of their own,” said Godlewski.

“Shutting down the Federal Government is an irresponsible use of tax dollars that impact our local economies in Wisconsin. Rules must be changed to protect our communities from this loss in funding in the future,” continued Godlewski.

According to the Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin has more than 29,000 federal employees in our state. Federal workers who were working full time but not being paid during the shutdown, were ineligible for unemployment benefits.

An analysis done by the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, identified 3,900 of those federal employees in Wisconsin work for agencies that went unfunded due to the shutdown. 

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