“Today is the start of a Tony Evers administration which will work daily to erase the work we have done to protect life for the last eight years,” stated Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

“As Wisconsin ushers in a change in leadership, the way our executive branch thinks about protecting the unborn is changing, too.

“Wisconsinites once knew that the sanctity of life meant something to those who were in higher office, but now we know that every unborn child in Wisconsin is in extreme danger.

“Governor Evers stated, ‘I care about kids, I care about doing the right thing for the people of Wisconsin.’ If Governor Evers truly cares about kids, he would care about kids in the womb as well.

“Wisconsin Right to Life will be working daily to share the message of life and point out to Governor Evers his hypocrisy in ‘caring about kids’.”

Wisconsin Right to Life is Wisconsin’s oldest and largest pro-life organization, founded in September, 1968, to protect the most vulnerable amongst us.

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Media Contact: Heather Weininger

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