In response to Governor Evers’ State of the State last night, Wisconsin Right to Life’s Executive Director had this to say, “Last night we heard where Governor Evers wants to focus his first year as Governor of Wisconsin. I agree with what he shared. He said, ‘…what’s best for our kids is best for our state. The investment we make in our kids today will yield dividends for generations to come.’

“But, in order for our plans to be best for our kids, we need to stop the killing of our unborn children before they are born.

“This school year, we are missing 5,640 children who should have been going to kindergarten. We are missing 10,925 seniors in high school who would go on to enter the work-force and college in Wisconsin.

“As we talk about the economy in Wisconsin and the growth of industry here, we know how to help Governor Evers solve many of Wisconsin’s problems. Stop killing unborn children. They will fill our classrooms; they will add to the income tax base in our state and help employers fill the many job openings that are available because of the historic low unemployment rate we see in Wisconsin.

“If Governor Evers is not going to address the underlying issue of killing our unborn children, we will not be doing what is best for the children in our state.”

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