“Yesterday, the State Assembly passed four lifesaving bills. One will ensure babies born alive after failed abortion attempts are given the same standard of care as children born alive naturally. Another will protect unborn children from abortions that are based on their sex, race, or disability diagnosis. The third will require women who are seeking chemical abortions to be given information on chemical abortion medications. It will also update abortion reporting requirements. The final bill will prohibit private abortion providers and their affiliates from receiving Medical Assistance certification,” shared Heather Weininger, executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

“We know that Governor Evers wants to support healthy moms and babies, and so do we. These bills are a start to doing just this.

“If we want to ensure all Wisconsinites have access to health care, education, and productive lives, as Governor Evers has stated, we need to do all we can to protect their most basic right: life.

“Wisconsin Right to Life thanks the Assembly for passing these four bills and proving what we know to be true: the majority of Wisconsin residents care about life.”

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