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– The Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce announced Wednesday that it will organize and lead a U.S. Census Complete Count Committee dedicated to engaging Wisconsin military service members, veterans, and their families in the 2020 Census. U.S. Census Bureau’s Complete Count Committees are coalitions made of up individuals, groups, and organizations dedicated to increasing awareness about the census and motivating residents to respond.

“The Census is foundational to the civic health of all our communities, including Wisconsin’s veteran community,” said Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Saul Newton. “We are proud to work with our community partners and stakeholders to ensure all veterans, service members, and their families are counted accurately in the 2020 census.”

Military veterans are designated by the United States Census Bureau as a Hard-To-Count (HTC) demographic. Other Hard-To-Count populations include millennials, minorities, people with disabilities, the homeless, as well as urban and rural communities. The stated purpose of Complete Count Committees is to assist the Census Bureau to achieve a timely, accurate, and cost-effective census count by serving as 2020 Census champions and trusted voices advocating for census participation.

“It is absolutely imperative that military veterans are accurately counted in the coming Census. This is an opportunity to showcase that the Wisconsin’s business community is dedicated to the support and empowerment of all military veterans and their families,” said Newton. “We look forward to engaging with partners in the public sector, private sector, and community stakeholders to ensure veterans and their families are fully counted by their government.”

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