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(MADISON, WI) — A new report from the HuffPost is just the latest story showing why Donald Trump has a growing uphill battle to win Wisconsin, a state that was pivotal for his ascension to the White House in 2016. His broken promises to bring down health care costs, bring back jobs from overseas, and to improve wages, as well as his never ending erratic trade war with China, is shredding the coalition that delivered him America’s dairyland. From rural communities to the suburbs to urban Wisconsin, voters are turning on Trump and are motivated to vote against a president who has broken promise after promise to them.

HuffPost: Trump’s Trade War Hammering Farmers, Factory Workers In Crucial Wisconsin
“In Wisconsin, though, they are not the trade war’s only victims. From Harley-Davidson factory workers worrying about their jobs as their company’s profits tanks, to a weather equipment maker forced to pay hefty import taxes, to a kidney beans processor facing retaliatory tariffs in Europe, a wide swath of voters are losing money and, in some cases, their livelihoods in a state that could determine Trump’s fate next November.”

Politico: Why it will be hard for Trump to win Wisconsin again
“‘For the president to win Wisconsin again, he’s not going to have the free ride he had last time. He’s not going to have Hillary Clinton sitting on her hands…He’s going to have a completely engaged opposition party on the ground.’ — Brandon Scholz, former executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

“Aaron Perry, a Waukesha alderman, said he grew so tired of Trump and accompanying GOP policies that in June he switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. ‘There comes a point where everybody has their own threshold of how much they can take…We’re getting to the point now where there’s no way he’s gaining supporters. The only way for Trump to go is down.’”

Bloomberg: Two U.S. Swing States Lost the Most Factory Jobs in Past Year
“…In Wisconsin the loss was just over 5,000 [manufacturing jobs], according to regional data from the Labor Department Friday. The states are important for Trump, whose pledges to reignite the sector are a cornerstone of his economic message. In the past year, though, manufacturing has weakened amid a trade war with China and slower global demand, making some companies hesitant to invest…The data tell a different story: The industry slipped into a recession during the first half of 2019 and one gauge of manufacturing direction, the Institute for Supply Management’s index, showed a contraction in August for the first time since 2016.”

The Hill: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin lost the most factory jobs in the past year
“The agency’s state employment survey found that Wisconsin has lost about 5,200 manufacturing jobs since August of last year…During his campaign, the president vowed to bring manufacturing jobs back from China and other countries…”

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