Contact: Courtney Beyer

MADISON — The following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Courtney Beyer on the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s 2019 state convention in Oshkosh:

“Wisconsin Republicans have somehow become more out-of-touch with the people of Wisconsin than we thought possible. From Speaker Vos cruelly doubling down on his refusal to expand Medicaid, a proposal 70% of Wisconsinites support, to inviting Candace Owens, a well-known hate monger considered extreme even on the right to speak, the Republican Party of Wisconsin has become more radical and fractured than ever — even Sen. Ron Johnson, the Party’s self-professed leader, has come under fire from members of his own Party this weekend.

“It is clear that Wisconsin Republicans have abandoned any sense of obligation to the people of Wisconsin. Instead, they are scorching the earth around them while Wisconsin families struggle with rising health care costs, stagnant wages and an uncertain economy.”

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