Contact: Philip Shulman, [email protected]

Today, Wisconsin-based Harley Davidson announced they saw a 24% earnings drop this quarter, in large part due to Trump’s erratic trade war with China. This comes after they announced a 26% drop in the first quarter in part due to the trade war.  This news comes a day before the one-year anniversary of Harley Davidson announcing they had seen a 13% drop in sales due to Trump’s direct attack on their company where he called for the nation to boycott them.

Harley Davidson isn’t the only company that’s been the victim of Trump’s mindless policy decisions. This year alone, Wisconsin has lost over 6,200 manufacturing jobs, the third most of any state. Things have gotten so bad analysts are showing we’re in a manufacturing recession. This comes after multiple visits to Wisconsin where Trump promised he’d bring back jobs and improve wages — those broken promises are getting worse everyday.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Spokesperson Philip Shulman released the following statement:

“Trump’s personal attacks on Wisconsin’s Harley Davidson, in conjunction with his erratic trade war with China, are crushing a company that has been the pride and joy of our state. His thoughtless and petty attacks are forcing the company to layoff workers, which is hurting our economy. Sadly though, his mindless policy decisions are crushing manufacturers and businesses around the state. We’ve seen over 6,200 manufacturing workers lose their jobs year alone because of Donald Trump. He continues to break his promise to bring back jobs and improve wages, and there is no end in sight for the pain he is causing in our state.”

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