Contact: Courtney Beyer,

MADISON — Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn has insisted amidst accusations of extremism and partisanship that he would follow the “rule of law” and be impartial on the Supreme Court. Wispolitics has reported however that Brian Hagedorn cut two separate checks to the Republican Party of Wisconsin since announcing his run for Supreme Court — one for $50,000 in March and one for $100,000 just last week.

While Hagedorn claimed that the $150,000 was intended to pay for “GOTV and party activities,” political parties cannot earmark funds for specific expenditures. Unless Hagedorn is misleading the public about the purpose of his donation, he has spent six figures boosting the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

“Why is a judicial candidate in a nonpartisan race currently trying to enrich the Republican Party?” asked Courtney Beyer, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson. “Everything we know about Brian Hagedorn suggests he would use the Supreme Court to impose his far-right, partisan agenda on Wisconsin. That Hagedorn is writing six-figure checks to the Republican Party should dispel any doubts that he’d be a partisan hack on the Supreme Court.”

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