On Thursday in Milwaukee, DNC Chair Tom Perez joined Wisconsin Democrats, local dairy farmers, and health care experts at Shadow Clock Cramery to slam Donald Trump’s broken promises on the economy — kicking off a multi-week-long campaign ahead of the second Democratic presidential primary debate in Detroit focusing on how the middle class has been hurt by Trump’s failed economic agenda.

Recent polls show that only 5% of Americans say Trump’s economic policies help “people like me,” a majority of Americans say the president’s policies help “people with more money” or “no one,” only 11% of Americans say their salaries have outpaced their costs, and four in 10 Americans say they could not afford an emergency expense of $1,000.

See the video for yourself:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:  “Perez said the Trump administration is failing on a series of policies from health care to trade and the economy […] Perez and others took some shots at Trump over dairy issues. Nearly 700 dairy farms shut down in the state last year. During an appearance in Milwaukee Friday Trump said, ‘Some of the farmers are doing well. … We’re over the hump. We’re doing really well.’ ‘Wisconsin led the nation in farm bankruptcies,’ Perez said. ‘How can you be over the hump?’”

Wisconsin Public Radio: “During a press conference, Perez said that the Trump economy isn’t helping health care costs, manufacturing jobs or dairy farmers in Wisconsin. He and other state democrats said that the Trump administration has broken promises to the state.”

Fox 6 News: “With preparations well underway for the 2020 Democratic National Convention July 13-16, 2020, inside Milwaukee’s Clock Shadow Creamery on Thursday, July 18, members of the national and state Democratic Party told the press President Donald Trump is not working for Wisconsin.”

WISN: “National Democratic Party Chairman Tom Perez talked about issues but focused heavily on President Donald Trump Thursday morning. He said Democrats offer better alternatives and are leading on issues like health care and the economy.”

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