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On Tuesday, March 26 more than 700 members of WISDOM, the statewide network of faith-based organizations, are gathering for their biennial “Madison Action Day” with mixed reactions to the budget that has been proposed by Governor Evers. On the one hand, the group is pleased with the Governor’s proposals on Immigrant Drivers’ Cards, Transit, Health Care, Education and more. On the other hand, WISDOM is troubled that the Governor’s proposal for Corrections and Criminal Justice gives no indication of reform.

“We’re a little confused about why the Governor would propose expanding the prison capacity when he campaigned on working to cut the prison population by half,” says WISDOM President Rev. Willie E. Brisco. “He has taken a few steps in the right direction. But we are never going to cut our prison population and deal with our racial inequities in Wisconsin until we have leaders who are serious about comprehensive change in the criminal justice system.”

WISDOM members from around the state will gather at 8:30 am at the Madison Masonic Center for a discussion of values, to build relationships, and to prepare for legislative visits. At 12:30 pm, they will rally on the State Street steps of the Capitol. Following the rally, a group will go to the Governor’s office to deliver petitions and a demand for swift action to reform the prison system. Members will then fan out around the capitol to visit their legislators.

The procession from the Masonic Center to the rally on the State Street steps will be led by the giant “Jingle Dress Puppet,” created by Native American people in far northern Wisconsin as part of a prayer for unity.

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