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This week, crews will begin work to reconstruct and expand Interstate 39/90 from Kennedy Road, north of the WIS 26 interchange (Exit 171A), to the I-39/90 and US 14 interchange (Exit 171B) in Janesville. This section of work is anticipated to be completed in fall 2021.

During the next few weeks, nightly lane closures and periodic overnight ramp closures are anticipated from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. weeknights. Crews will prepare the southbound lanes to accommodate all Interstate traffic on the one side (two lanes each way separated by a median barrier wall).

In early April, work will begin on the northbound Interstate lanes and northbound traffic will be shifted over to temporary lanes onto the southbound side of I-39/90 during construction. When the northbound expansion is complete within these limits, both northbound and southbound motorists will be shifted to the new northbound pavement as crews reconstruct and expand the Interstate’s southbound lanes.

During construction, short- and long-term ramp closures are planned at the WIS 26/Milton Avenue and US 14/Humes Road interchanges. In 2019, the following interchange ramps are scheduled to be closed:

  • WIS 26 to I-39/90 northbound – Four-month closure

Approximate Date of Closure: Spring/Summer 2019

Detour: WIS 26 and US 14

  • US 14 ramp to I-39/90 northbound – One day closure

Approximate Date of Closure: Spring/Summer 2019

Detour: US 14 and WIS 26

  • I-39/90 northbound ramp to US 14 – Two-day closure

Approximate Date of Closure: Spring 2019 and Fall 2019

Detour: US 14 and WIS 26

Anticipated interchange ramps closures for 2020 and 2021 can be viewed at

Reconstruction activities will include bridge demolitions which will require closure of roadways under the Interstate, including US 14, WIS 26 and Kennedy Road. WIS 26 will be closed under the Interstate for three consecutive nights between mid-April and early May 2019. US 14 under I-39/90 is anticipated to be closed for three consecutive nights in mid to late May 2019. Kennedy Road will be closed under the Interstate for three to four months starting in early April 2019. Alternate local routes are required during these closures.

Advanced notice of these ramp and roadway closures will be announced to area media, as well as posted on the

I-39/90 project website,, and project Facebook page,

The I-39/90 and WIS 26/Milton Avenue interchange will be reconstructed into a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI). Wisconsin’s first DDI opened in fall 2016 at the I-39/90 and WIS 11/Avalon Road, south of Janesville. More information on the WIS 26 DDI can be found at The I-39/90 and US 14/Humes Road interchange will be reconfigured to a diamond interchange with traffic signals.

A Collector/Distributor (C/D) lane system will be constructed on I-39/90 at the WIS 26 and US 14 interchanges to separate high-speed Interstate through traffic from interchange traffic merging on and off I-39/90. The C/D lanes are dedicated lanes parallel to I-39/90 and separated from the Interstate by a concrete barrier. Traffic exiting at WIS 26 or US 14 will need to merge off at one location and choose the appropriate ramp lane to their destination. The lane system, which improves traffic flow and safety, is in effect in locations throughout the state with the closest at I-39/90/94 and US 151 on Madison’s east side.

Noise barrier construction will also continue this year along I-39/90 southbound between the US 14 and WIS 11/Racine Street interchanges. The remaining sections of noise barrier from Randolph Road to US 14 will be extended this year or 2020. In addition, noise barrier walls will be installed in 2021 on the southbound side of I-39/90 near Kennedy Road.

A new roadway extension (Ryan Road) will also be built under the Interstate, linking Morse Street and Deerfield Drive. Sidewalks will also be provided.

In 2022, US 14/Humes Road will be reconstructed to an urban roadway between Deerfield Drive and WIS 26/Milton Avenue. A sidewalk/shared used path will be built on each side as part of the project. Lane and turn restrictions are anticipated during this six-month project, as well as full closure of US 14 from Pontiac Drive to Milton Avenue. Motorists will be required to use alternate routes.

I-39/90 remains open to two lanes in each direction during daytime hours and weekends. Nightly single lane closures will occur on the Interstate weeknights from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. within the construction project limits. Periodic overnight ramp closures may occur at the I-39/90 and WIS 26 and US 14 interchanges.

All lane restrictions, ramp and road closures, and work operations are weather dependent and subject to change. Motorists are reminded to be alert and drive with caution in all work zones.

The public is encouraged to stay informed and register for project email updates on the project website,, and follow the I-39/90 Project Facebook page,

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