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[Madison, WI] — Yesterday, Governor Tony Evers introduced his first state budget proposal. As expected, the proposal contains massive spending increases, tax hikes, and hyper-partisan proposals that will benefit the state’s liberal special interests and take Wisconsin backward. In response, Evers’ proposed budget is being decounced by Wisconsin leaders as fiscally irresponsible and reckless.
Check out what they are saying about Governor Evers’ proposed state budget here:
From Assembly Speaker Robin Vos“To say that I’m disappointed with Governor Evers’ budget request would be an understatement…Wisconsin has a record amount of new money coming into the state and a surplus from the current budget. The problem isn’t that the state doesn’t have the revenue. The problem with Governor Evers’ budget is that it spends too much. It spends way more than Wisconsin can afford. It increases spending by $6 billion and raises property taxes to the highest level in nearly a decade. This is clearly a budget that is not based on the reality that Wisconsin families see every day. It’s a liberal wish list.”
From Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald“Governor Evers campaigned on bringing people to the table, however Republicans weren’t even consulted before he rolled out one of the most liberal budgets in Wisconsin history. His plans will raise the tax burden on manufacturers, potentially send the cost of private health insurance skyrocketing, and hurt the ability of low-income students to escape failing schools.”
From Senate President Roger Roth“Governor Evers laid out a budget proposal that was straight out of the liberal interest playbook…The budget is the most important bill that is brought before the legislature, but the many non-fiscal policies that were laced throughout the budget are simply not appropriate.”
From Speaker Pro Tempore Tyler August“Although Governor Evers has talked about working together, his actions prove otherwise.  Tonight’s budget address was a missed opportunity for bipartisanship. Governor Evers has rejected our olive branch by proposing a budget that is full of radical liberal ideas.  It is clear that he is more interested in politics than governing.”
From Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke“We have some of the best new revenue numbers ever in Wisconsin, yet Governor Evers wants to increase spending by more than $1,000 for every man, women, and child in the state. That’s unacceptable and unaffordable.”
From JFC Co-Chairs, Representative John Nygren & Senator Alberta Darling: “Wisconsin can’t afford Tony Evers budget. He’s spending our record surplus and billions more. His budget increases spending by $1,000 for every resident in the state, raises taxes, and eliminates the reforms that worked over the last eight years…Republicans in the legislature have set the stage for a great budget, but Governor Evers is jeopardizing the continued surpluses, increased revenues, historic tax cuts, and expanded economic opportunity created by making fiscally responsible decisions.”
From Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce President and CEO Kurt Bauer: “Tonight, Gov. Evers proposed an irresponsible budget that will be destructive to our state’s economy. The plethora of tax hikes, increased regulations and new spending is nearly inconceivable. This is far from a bipartisan plan.”
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