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[Madison, WI] – Yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer’s family ties to Planned Parenthood appear to be paying off after the nation’s largest abortion provider began spending over $100,000 on ads supporting her campaign — money that Neubauer once called “toxic” and “undermines the confidence in our judicial system.” This news is yet another blow to Neubauer’s collapsing “fair, impartial, and independent” narrative that she loves to spew to voters. Nevertheless, Neubauer continues her attempt to mislead voters, this time claiming she can’t remember whether or not she has donated to Planned Parenthood. Despite all her lies, the truth about Neubauer’s liberal activism is finally starting to come out, and her “impartial” narrative is crumbling.
Read the full write-up here or find excerpts below.
Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer gets Planned Parenthood’s backing after years of family ties
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Dan Bice
March 20, 2019
Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer’s family ties to Planned Parenthood appear to be paying off.   
Neubauer’s parents were active in the Minnesota chapter of the organization, with her mother serving two terms as board chairwoman. Neubauer’s daughter, state Rep. Greta Neubauer, lists herself as a member of the abortion rights group.
Neubauer’s campaign said the appellate judge volunteered for Planned Parenthood in the 1990s but is uncertain whether she donated to the group. She hasn’t given to politicians or political groups since taking her seat on the bench a decade ago.
The judge was the lone dissenter in a 2016 appeals court case in which she wrote a 17-page opinion favoring Planned Parenthood.
Now Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin — the political arm of the state chapter — has endorsed Neubauer and this week began spending $100,000 on digital ads supporting her.
Now Stephan Thompson, a Hagedorn campaign adviser, is raising questions about Neubauer’s objectivity on abortion rights.
“Saying one thing and doing another has become a pattern for Lisa Neubauer,” Thompson said. “Neubauer attacks Judge Hagedorn for expressing views years ago all the while having her own blatant history of liberal activism.”  
In particular, Neubauer offered the sole dissenting opinion in a case over what was dubbed the webcam abortion law.
In a 14-page appellate court decision, the two-member majority disagreed with Planned Parenthood and found that the organization lacked standing to challenge the law. Neubauer, in an even longer dissent, argued that the law was ambiguous and the case should move forward.
Interestingly, Planned Parenthood said it was satisfied with the majority ruling because it clarified key matters in the case.
While many in Neubauer’s family have been active supporters of Planned Parenthood, it appears no one was more so than her mother.
“In 1969, she began a lifelong commitment to Planned Parenthood where she was elected to the Board of Directors, serving two terms as chair and was a front-line counselor for 20 years,” says the obituary for her mother, Judith Stephens, in 2012.
In her four-minute campaign biography, Neubauer said she has always wanted to make sure she gave back to the community “really in the footsteps of my mother, making a difference where I could with people who needed help.”
That may be, but the state Republican Party — which is helping Hagedorn’s campaign — isn’t buying Neubauer’s claim that she can’t recall if she’s given to Planned Parenthood herself.
Planned Parenthood officials said it keeps the names of its donors confidential.
“It’s clear that Lisa Neubauer’s duplicity knows no bounds,” said Charles Nichols, spokesman for the state GOP. “Neubauer’s entire campaign is built around the classic liberal hypocrisy: believe what I say, not what I do.
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