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Campaign-Style Speech Chock-Full of Vague Promises and Partisan Rhetoric  
[Madison, WI] – Last night, Governor Tony Evers delivered his first ever State of the State Address. Unsurprisingly, Governor Evers failed to acknowledge that the state of Wisconsin is stronger than ever. Instead, Evers attempted to cast the state in an unflattering light while giving a campaign-style speech full of vague promises and partisan rhetoric. In an obvious attempt to cater to his far-left base, Evers spent the majority of his time pushing a liberal tax-and-spend agenda. Here are the top five takeaways from last night’s State of the State Address:
Refusal to Acknowledge State’s Successes
Governor Evers had to work hard to avoid acknowledging the fact that Wisconsin’s economy is in the best shape it’s been in decades. Evers completely ignored the fact that more of our citizens are working than ever before, that our families have the lowest tax burden in nearly five decades, or that our state has a record surplus. Governor Evers refuses to acknowledge that after eight years of strong Republican leadership, the State of Wisconsin is stronger than ever.
Increased Taxes & Massive Spending
In his speech, Governor Evers laid out billions of dollars in new spending yet provided no real plans to pay for it. Throughout the campaign, Evers ran on the same tax-and-spend liberal policies that put Wisconsin on the wrong track nearly a decade ago. He’s already made clear he’ll raise taxes on Wisconsin farmers and manufacturers. Left unchecked, Evers’ massive spending plan will lead to massive budget deficits, increased taxes, and a stagnant economy.
More Government, Less Choices
A key tenet of Evers’ address is his intention to move us one step closer to government-run healthcare. Evers prioritized his intention to expand Medicaid statewide in a move that could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and send premiums skyrocketing.
Hyper-Partisan Rhetoric
Despite Governor Evers’ constant calls for bipartisanship, his address made clear that he has no intention or desire to work with Republicans. In a speech that was chock-full of liberal talking points designed to cater to his base, Evers failed to bring forward any real bipartisan solutions. Instead, Evers sent a message to Republican lawmakers that it’s “my way or the highway.” Fortunately for Wisconsinites, Republican legislative leaders will put Wisconsin families over politics, while continuing to fight for commonsense solutions that will build on our already successful reforms and move Wisconsin forward.
No Intention To Follow The Law
Under state law, the Governor is required to get legislative approval before withdrawing the state from a lawsuit. Evers has consistently struggled to decide whether or not he would follow this law. But last night Evers made crystal clear his intention to ignore state law when he declared he would fulfill his campaign pledge and order Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul to withdraw the state from the federal Obamacare lawsuit. Once again, Evers has demonstrated that he will prioritize the interests of his far-left base over all others, no matter the cost.
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