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[Madison, WI] — Since announcing her campaign, Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer has been attempted to mislead voters at every turn. Neubauer’s entire campaign message has been focused on one main theme: that she will be fair, impartial, and independent. In fact, Neubauer is nearly incapable of answering a question without slipping in this this claim of being “fair, impartial, and independent.” Unfortunately for Neubauer, actions speak louder than words, and a look behind the scenes shows that this “independent” claim — the claim which her entire campaign is built around — is a complete fabrication. How can Neubauer sell her candidacy to Wisconsinites using an argument built on lies? Let’s look at the facts:
Neubauer has been part of the Democratic Party establishment for nearly four decades.
As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Lisa Neubauer has ties to the Democratic Party that run both long and deep.” She is part of an influential political family that has a long history of supporting democratic candidates and liberal causes. This includes:
  • Giving more than $105,000 in political contributions to democrat and liberal candidates and groups.
  • Neubauer was appointed as a judge by Democrat Governor Jim Doyle after contributing thousands of dollars to his campaign.
  • Neubauer used to work for Democrat politicians and even helped run a Democratic presidential campaign.
  • Neubauer’s campaign is being run by the same team that helped elect prominent Democrat candidates Senator Tammy Baldwin and Representative Ron Kind.
  • Her husband ran the state Democratic party and is a former Democrat politician, and her daughter is a current left-wing Democrat lawmaker.
  • Neubauer’s husband also served as Bill Clinton’s campaign manager for Wisconsin and the couple was regularly invited to the White House by the Clinton family for social and political functions.
Neubauer recently marched alongside her liberal allies during an anti-Trump protest rally.
As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Neubauer attended a climate change march protesting the environmental agenda of President Donald Trump. Despite her nonpartisan claims, Neubauer’s participation in the protest confirms her hyper-partisan leanings and desire to politicize the Court.
Neubauer’s campaign is being backed by a party that advocates for socialism.
The Wisconsin Working Families Party recently announced it is supporting Neubauer’s campaign for Supreme Court by mobilizing volunteers and running a large-scale voter contact operation. According to Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Working Families Party is “the closest thing” to a party that believes in socialism. Moreover, the party was designed to push Democrat officials further to the left and is known for pressuring candidates to take union-friendly stands on issues. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering the party receives financial backing from liberal special interests and mega-union super PACs run by people like billionaire liberal activist Tom Steyer.
Neubauer has gladly accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in support from special interest groups despite her earlier denials to the contrary.
When first entering the race, Neubauer lied to voters by saying she would call on special interest groups to stay out of the race. Neubauer claimed, “[t]here’s nothing good about outside money — special interest money — coming in to influence court elections.” She even called special interest money “toxic” and said it “undermines the public’s confidence in our judicial system.” But recent reports show that Neubauer is receiving support from over a half-dozen special interest groups who are spending more than $750,000 to get her elected.
Neubauer has also accepted nearly $120,000 in direct campaign contributions from special interest groups.
According to campaign finance reports, Neubauer’s campaign has received at least $118,250 from several major labor unions.[1] In fact, donations from labor unions accounted for nearly a quarter of the campaign contributions received by Neubauer during the second half of 2018.[2] 
Liberals see Neubauer’s election as an opportunity to take over the Supreme Court.
As reported by the Associated Press, Wisconsin Democrats consider a win by Neubauer as a key step in the complete liberal takeover of the state’s Supreme Court. It’s no secret that liberals are backing Neubauer’s campaign because they see her as an ally that, if elected, will help take control of the court and overturn years of conservative reforms.
Neubauer is being supported by several democrat and liberal organization in her bid for Supreme Court.
Numerous Democrat elected officials, Democratic parties, and liberal organizations are hosting events and fundraisers for Neubauer’s campaign. This includes the Democratic Party of MilwaukeeWaupaca County Democratic PartyWaukesha County Democratic PartyDemocratic Party of Brown CountyKenosha County Democratic PartyIndivisible Jefferson CountyKenosha Drinking LiberallyCitizen Action of Wisconsin, and many others.
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