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Neubauer Has Been Part of WI Democrat Party Establishment for Nearly Four Decades

[Madison, WI] – Today it was revealed that Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer’s partisan ties run much much deeper than she has previously let on. As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Neubauers are an influential political family that has been part of Wisconsin’s Democrat party establishment for nearly four decades. This information comes on the heels of learning that Judge Neubauer recently marched alongside her liberal allies during an anti-Trump protest rally. While this wasn’t much of a surprise considering that democrat special interests and far left-wing groups are backing Neubauer’s campaign, it does fly in the face of Neubauer’s assertion that she is not the liberal candidate in the race. This new evidence makes clear that Neubauer has been lying to voters in an attempt to mislead them into believing that she is nonpartisan and unbiased.

Read the full write-up here or find excerpts below.

Political party ties run deep for Supreme Court candidates Neubauer and Hagedorn
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Daniel Bice
March 1, 2019

The race for the state Supreme Court is nonpartisan, but the two candidates might as well stitch a D or R on their judicial robes.

On the left, appeals court Judge Lisa Neubauer has ties to the Democratic Party that run both long and deep.

She used to work for Democratic politicians, her husband ran the state party for four years and her daughter is a Dem lawmaker.

Neubauer and her husband have given more than $105,000 to state and federal liberal and Democratic candidates and groups over the years (though she quit making political donations in 2007). They were early financial supporters of Barack Obama.

She was appointed to the bench by Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle. Her current campaign is backed by all the major labor unions and run by Dem operatives.

For those who prefer Neubauer, she will be available at a Waukesha County Democratic Meet & Greet at the Casablanca in Brookfield on May 10.

Neubauer was an aide to longtime Democratic Sen. Fred Risser of Madison and was an assistant Midwest coordinator for Gary Hart’s 1984 presidential campaign.

Her husband was a Democratic lawmaker for four terms, state chairman for Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996 and a member of a Democratic National Committee.

Neubauer herself had given $8,800 to Doyle, the governor who appointed her to the bench. Both she and her husband chipped in a total $15,000 to Obama’s campaign.

In the current contest, she has the backing of many liberal groups, including the Wisconsin Education Association Council. (For the full list of labor unions supporting her, go to the state Republican Party website.)

“For Lisa Neubauer, Democratic politics is the family business,” said Stephan Thompson, a campaign aide to Hagedorn. “With over $100,000 in donations to left-wing candidates (and groups) helping pave the way to power and influence, there’s no questioning Neubauer’s allegiances.”

Read the full write-up here.

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