We have issued this recall as a group of people, without political agendas, for the sake of all Wisconsinites.

Wisconsin citizens deserve a governor who is informed and acts swiftly and fairly for the good of the people. Equality and freedom should not cost anyone their life, their community, their city or their state. The people need a leader who will recognize and address the many injustices our society and communities have faced. One who will fight these issues while maintaining peace and unity. A leader does not pass blame. Leaders work to solve the root problems, provide unity, and work towards prosperity for everyone. Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes have done nothing to work toward these goals. Their actions have made it clear that division and destruction, destitution and despair, and a dependence on the State is their future for Wisconsin.

We ALL, each and every one of us, deserve leaders who will work together to restore our communities and faith in each other. Our group has not come together based on political parties or beliefs. Our mission is to empower the citizens of Wisconsin to hold their elected officials accountable and to unite and build a better, stronger Wisconsin. We want to restore the damage done, help communities rise, and correct the repercussions of the many premature decisions Evers and Barnes have made.

The division and destruction we have seen will only lead to further despair and loss. I urge all citizens of Wisconsin to look past our political differences, come together and demand more of the officials we elect. They are the only ones who have or will continue to benefit from our division. It is time to rally together, rebuild, and restore our state.

Finally, I urge the politicians, all of them, to place the safety and prosperity of their people above their own agendas.

We are at 275,000 valid signatures accounted for. Right on track to exceed the needed amount!

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