GOP 7th CD candidate Jason Church released new TV and radio ads today in which he says President Trump is trying to do what’s right, but he needs help from those who “come from outside politics.”

Church’s campaign didn’t release details of the buys other than saying the spots would run in every media market of the sprawling 7th CD in northern Wisconsin.

The TV ad includes a segment from Church’s rollout video in which he’s seated on a stool, wearing shorts that show his prosthetic legs. He says Trump is making the tough decisions, trying to secure the border and working to create jobs.

“But he needs help,” Church says. “He needs people who come from outside politics, people who don’t owe anything to anyone, people who just want to do things right.”

The radio ad includes the same line. It also includes Church recounting being on patrol with his platoon in 2012 when an IED went off and the 21 surgeries he underwent after losing his legs.

Church faces state Sen. Tom Tiffany, R-Minoqua, in the Feb. 18 GOP primary.


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