MADISON, Wis. — On Monday, ProgressNow state organizations announced on a press call the launch of ‘RBG Revolution’ — an organizing campaign to honor the memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A Better Wisconsin Together is proud to be joining RBG Revolution, which urges Americans to oppose any new Supreme Court Justice until January, when the next President is sworn in.

A Better Wisconsin Together Executive Director Nicole Safar commented, “The fight over Justice Ginsburg’s replacement will undoubtedly be national, and Wisconsin plays a part. Justice Ginsburg’s replacement could cast a deciding vote on issues that affect our daily lives from health care access to reproductive rights to worker protections to voting rights.” The week following November 3, the Court will take up a case, driven by President Trump’s Justice Department, to repeal the Affordable Care Act. If the ACA is struck down, 431,100 Wisconsinites will lose their health insurance. Safar noted that the threat of a Trump appointed Justice extends beyond healthcare, “We’ve seen what Trump appointed Justices rule on reproductive health issues, restricting access to both birth control and abortion services, ultimately undermining the protections in Roe v. Wade. This threat is particularly important in Wisconsin, where we have a centuries old law outlawing all abortion still on the books.”

On these issues and so many others, Wisconsinites’ lives are on the line. Giving Donald Trump another appointment to the Supreme Court could end our rights for an entire generation. A Better Wisconsin Together is proud to stand with Progress Now affiliates across the country in the coming fight to protect our rights. Said Safar, “So much is at stake and it will take all of us. Let her memory be a revolution.”

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