MADISON, WISCONSIN – “States are experiencing different levels of COVID-19
activity, however according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC), the country remains “in the acceleration phase of the pandemic.” We urge
people of all ages to follow the guidelines outlined by the CDC and state health
agencies to prevent the spread of the virus, which has had devastating and
deadly impacts on people no matter age, gender, party affiliation, or any other

“Policymakers must do everything they can to ensure there is adequate testing
for anyone who needs it, including accurate antibody testing; transparency about
new and active cases in communities; sufficient contact tracing capacity; and
enough PPE, ventilators, hospital capacity, and support for those on the front

“Without those and other key protections in place, lifting stay-at-home orders
prematurely means the virus will keep spreading, risking people’s lives and
health and our economy.”

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