September 16th, 2020: The American Dairy Coalition (ADC), along with more than 40 other agriculture-related associations, sent a letter to Congressional leadership requesting they replenish the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) in their upcoming continuing resolution.  This fund has been utilized for years to reimburse programs that provide safety net tools to farmers such as Dairy Margin Coverage, Marketing Assistance Loans and Agriculture Risk Coverage as well as many other programs farmers count on— especially in times of uncertainty.  Without CCC reimbursement, the benefits of certain programs farmers rely on could be delayed, putting businesses in additional financial distress.
According to the USDA’s most recent projections, cash receipts could be at the lowest level in more than 10 years.   Farmers navigating the fallout of low commodity prices, retaliatory tariffs, global pandemics and natural disasters must have access to safety net programs that allow them to stay financially sound while providing nutritious, safe and affordable food for families across the nation.  We urge Congress to heed the request of our fellow signees and include reimbursement for the CCC in their upcoming continuing resolution.
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