Wisconsin’s adjutant general mobilized additional Citizen Soldiers from the Wisconsin National Guard May 31 in response to requests for assistance from civil authorities in Madison as the mission to support Milwaukee continues.

More Citizen Soldiers and Airmen were also alerted Sunday to be ready to mobilize, if civil authorities around the state requested further assistance, and troops stand ready to assist elsewhere in the state, if needed.

Approximately 125 Wisconsin National Guard troops from the Guard’s Quick Reaction Force arrived in Milwaukee May 30 to assist state and local law enforcement in preserving public safety and the ability of individuals to exercise their rights to peacefully demonstrate. After civil unrest in Madison overnight May 30, local authorities requested assistance from the National Guard there as well.

Troops serving in Milwaukee mobilized to state active duty under direction from Gov. Tony Evers in response to civil unrest that occurred in Milwaukee overnight and into the early morning hours of May 30. After arriving in Milwaukee those troops worked with local authorities to secure critical infrastructure in multiple locations around the city. Those troops will continue to support Milwaukee while additional troops mobilized to support Madison’s request for assistance today.

The governor’s directive authorizes Wisconsin’s adjutant general to mobilize members of the National Guard to state active duty to assist civil authorities as deemed necessary, or upon request of local authorities.

Serving the state, local communities, and Wisconsin’s citizens during times of need is one of the National Guard’s core missions. The Wisconsin National Guard responds at the request of and in support of civil authorities, and its troops serve in a support role as a resource that is available during times of emergency.

“We stand ready to assist Wisconsin’s communities any way we can,” Wisconsin’s adjutant general, Maj. Gen. Paul Knapp said. “Our troops are well-trained, and well-prepared to serve our neighbors in Madison, Milwaukee, and elsewhere around Wisconsin.”

Approximately 10,000 Soldiers and Airmen make up the Wisconsin National Guard. More than 1,200 remain mobilized across Wisconsin supporting the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than 500 are mobilized in support of the Guard’s federal missions overseas as the primary combat reserve of the Army and Air Force.

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