Union members speak out in favor the 2020 “Buy American” Legislative Package, two bills that seek to reform Wisconsin’s state procurement laws to be better able to use our taxpayer dollars to buy local, made-in-the USA products. LRB-3753 and LRB-3779 will ensure Wisconsin taxpayer dollars are being used to support American-made materials and American businesses when the state and local governments are purchasing goods and supplies.

Representative Tip McGuire (D-64) has introduced the bill package in the Assembly. Senator Jennifer Shilling (D-32) and Senator Patty Schachtner (D-10) introduced the bills in the Senate.

“I am excited to introduce the Buy American package of bills,” said Rep. Tip McGuire. “We have an opportunity to use the purchases that the state of Wisconsin is already making to create quality, family-supporting jobs here in our state to grow the middle class.”

“The 2020 Buy American legislation package is a commonsense set of bills that will prioritize made in the USA goods in our state and local communities’ procurement processes. This will encourage economic growth, boost American manufacturing, and support America’s workers and middle class,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.  

 “Thank you to Representative Tip McGuire for introducing a “Buy American” bill package that will help protect American manufacturing and the American middle class,” said Hunter Scott, Vice President of IAMAW Local Lodge 66 who lives in Racine. “As a shop chair and a worker in a manufacturing environment, I know firsthand that we make great products in Wisconsin and in the USA that can go toe-to-toe with any foreign product. Our taxpayer dollars should go towards buying American-made goods and services whenever and wherever possible.”

“It’s not right our state’s procurement laws implicitly favor foreign-made goods. That hurts Wisconsin’s and America’s middle class,” said Jennifer Grabczyk, UAW Local 722 President, who works at a GM parts distribution center in Hudson, Wisconsin. “When our state opts for cheap goods, made in other countries – whether it be vehicles for the State Patrol, lab equipment for UW campuses, or steel used in construction projects – over American-made goods, the state literally chips away at our American middle class and manufacturing base with each purchase. I will be watching to see which politicians are willing to stand up and vote to Buy American.”

 “The best way to grow our middle class is to create a demand for the products we make. Our local governments should be purchasing American-made products whenever possible. It helps create and keep jobs in our state, builds strong communities, and ensures we have the best, high-quality, durable, made in the USA products.”  – Michael MacDonald, Financial Secretary of USW 2-144, Midwest Paper in Combined Locks who lives in Menasha.

When taxpayer dollars are invested back into our local economy, wages are spent on main streets across the country.  Our government should buy American.  We make so many great products in Wisconsin and the USA.  I want Wisconsin to use our tax dollars to buy American made products as much as possible. – Lee Hanson, Treasurer and member of USW 2-469, Freedom, Wisconsin

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