“AFSCME Wisconsin enthusiastically endorses the Collective Bargaining Freedom Act along with the Civil Service Restoration Act sponsored by State Senator Chris Larson and Representative Chris Taylor, and co-sponsored by Representatives Jonathan Brostoff, Marisabel Cabrera, and Christine Sinicki. The freedom to organize and the right for coworkers to stand together to improve workplace conditions is foundational to healthy, thriving communities and Wisconsin’s proud progressive heritage.

Public servants across Wisconsin safeguard care for our aging and vulnerable populations, plow and maintain our roads, and provide our homes with clean drinking water. The freedom to organize means restoring pride in public service, ensuring safe working environments, and investing in Wisconsin’s working families. 

AFSCME Wisconsin President Paul Spink stated, “if our elected representatives truly care about addressing crisis levels of understaffing, shrinking access to community services, high employee turnover, poverty wages, and plummeting worker morale the way they say they do, they must support this legislation’s passage.” 

The bills are scheduled to be introduced to the legislature on February 8, 2020.

Spink continued, “our communities work because we do. Worker investment is community investment, it’s as simple as that.”

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