AFSCME Wisconsin calls on Milwaukee Public Museum Inc. to extend fairness in ongoing
contract bargaining with MPM employees. AFSCME Wisconsin rebukes MPM Inc.’s paltry
offers which include tripling workers’ share of the health insurance deductible and
eliminating cost-of-living adjustments. The offers by MPM Inc. show disdain for employees
and the community that MPM serves.

AFSCME Local 526, which represents approximately one hundred employees at the
museum, has negotiated with MPM Inc. since August 2019. Employees’ contract expired
December 31, 2019. As a result, employees are currently working without a contract.

AFSCME Local 526 President Jaclyn Kelly stated, “our membership has spoken with one
voice: we’re committed to approving a deal that respects working people, attracts and
retains the best to serve Milwaukee County, and won’t disparately impact vulnerable
people.” AFSCME Local 526 is dedicated to ensuring a fair contract all MPM employees
which includes livable wages, affordable health insurance, and paid parental leave.
MPM custodian and union member Jamie Edison echoed employees’ desire for fairness.
Edison stated, “I just want things to be fair for everyone that works here at the museum.”
AFSCME Local 526 will host an informational picket of MPM on Saturday, January 18,
2020 starting at 2:00 PM. Speakers will begin at 2:30 PM. Kelly continued, “we’re picketing
to show that employees are committed to the quality of the museum the community owns.”

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