The Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network (WAAN) is encouraged by the Wisconsin
Department of Transportation’s recent announcement indicating they are
temporarily expanding Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver license and
photo identification card services in Madison, Milwaukee, and a number of rural
locations throughout Wisconsin.

Former drivers and those who have never driven, face challenges getting to the
DMV office to obtain a photo ID for voting and other purposes, as they are
dependent upon family, friends, and limited transportation systems to get there.
These challenges are made even greater when the DMV office is far away and/or
has very limited hours. COVID-19 has resulted in further restrictions to DMV

“We have been advocating for expanded access to DMV offices for many years,”
said Robert Kellerman, Executive Director of the Greater Wisconsin Agency on
Aging Resources and Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network Chair, “we appreciate
this DOT announcement as it comes at a critical time and we look forward to
working with policymakers to increase access to DMV offices through the
remainder of 2020 and in the next biennial budget.”

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