As if the public’s faith and trust in the City of Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission wasn’t already at a low point – it is simply unacceptable and infuriating to learn of today’s haphazard “special meeting” to change the process of selecting a new Milwaukee police chief.

You can see the details of tonight’s (6:40 p.m.) meeting by going to|&Search

At a time when the FPC should especially be striving daily to be more open and transparent, they are convening a last-minute meeting, knowingly excluding their chair and vice-chair, and attempting to make the public process a behind-closed-doors decision.

The last time a Milwaukee police chief was selected “behind closed doors” with an improperly noticed FPC meeting (under nearly all of the same commissioners who continue to serve, today) we ended up with our now former chief, Alfonso Morales.

To the FPC: On behalf of the people of the City of Milwaukee, do not change the public process of selecting the next Milwaukee police chief!

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