Brian Gabriel

In response to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ call for The People’s Map Commission during his State of the State address, All On The Line State Director Elizabeth Treviño released the following statement:

“With the 2021 redistricting process right around the corner, Governor Tony Evers has taken an important step toward equal representation and truly fair maps for Wisconsin. For the past decade, the people of Wisconsin have been forced to vote in some of the most gerrymandered districts in the country. These districts protect those in power while failing to give the people adequate representation in the U.S. House of Representatives and our state legislature. All On The Line wholeheartedly supports his call to create a non-partisan redistricting committee that will give all Wisconsinites a real voice in how their home districts are drawn.

“Any meaningful redistricting reform needs to provide communities of interest the ability to be heard and represented throughout the redistricting process. Ultimately, the new maps must represent the best interests of the people of Wisconsin, not politicians who are concerned with protecting their own partisan interests. With tonight’s announcement, Gov. Evers has shown that he’s keeping his promise to fight gerrymandering and make nonpartisan redistricting a reality in Wisconsin.”

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