Today Representative Scott Allen announces that he will seek reelection to a fourth term.

Allen was first elected in 2014 after winning a very competitive primary election and has been reelected twice, in 2016 and 2018.

Allen is on a quest to increase the influence of Waukesha County in the state legislature.  “There ought to be a member of the Waukesha County delegation in the ranks of leadership in the Assembly,” said Representative Allen.  “It doesn’t have to be me, but at least one of us from Waukesha County should be shaping the agenda,” he said.

In addition to growing the influence of Waukesha County, Representative Allen remains committed to lowering the property tax burden in Wisconsin.  According to Forbes Magazine (Feb 25, 2020) Wisconsin ranks as the fifth highest property taxing state in the nation.

High property taxes hurt everyone:  they hurt renters by driving up rent prices, but they especially hurt seniors on fixed incomes and young people forming new households.

Representative Allen worked to help eliminate the state portion of the real estate tax bill and is committed to pursuing further reforms to improve our property tax position.

“Housing is one of our most basic needs and is a powerful catalyst for economic growth,” said Allen, “which is why I’ve spent my entire career in the housing industry.”

Rep. Allen is the vice-chairman of the Housing and Real Estate Committee, and serves on the board of directors for the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) in addition to chairing the Community Development Committee.

“In Wisconsin we continue to buy more government than we can afford,” said Rep. Allen. “In our education system,” Allen explained, “many administrators are making very good money while the people involved in the daily lives of our kids – the teachers – can’t afford to buy homes in the community in which they work.  That’s not right.”

Land use and building code regulations are unnecessarily driving up the cost of housing. A 2019 report indicates that two of the main factors contributing to the lack of affordable housing include “rising construction costs and outdated land use regulations.”

“Having housing options available for our teachers and first responders who serve our community is our obligation,” said Rep. Allen.

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