“From the start of this campaign, Joe Biden has had one message above all others: it is time to unite the country and heal the soul of this nation. His victory tonight is the vindication of that message and clear signal the United States is ready to turn the page on the bigotry, chaos, and division of the Trump administration,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Bradley Beychok. “American Bridge 21st Century congratulates president-elect Joe Biden and his team on a well-run, hard fought campaign. In the face of unprecedented challenges, Joe Biden rose to the occasion and showed the American people exactly the kind of leader he will be as the 46th President of the United States. American Bridge is proud to have played a role in rebuilding the Blue Wall and winning back the Obama-Trump voters that put Joe Biden over 270 electoral votes. But while this campaign may be over, the work of holding the Trump administration accountable for their corruption and malfeasance continues up until the moment Joe Biden is sworn in.”

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