“Donald Trump is a brazen, corrupt politician who does not care about everyday Americans. He knew in-person voting was dangerous, and Wisconsinites would likely get sick. He didn’t care and put brass tacks over human life,” said Kyle Morse, an American Bridge Spokesperson. “Trump’s failure to prepare for coronavirus and coldness for the loss of life makes it crystal clear why we need to get this mad man out of the White House and elect a leader who can unite our entire country.”

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Wisconsin Republicans fought for weeks to force dangerous in-person voting, as a way to suppress voter turnout. Days before polls opened, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers took decisive action by signing an executive order to delay the state’s primary and special election until June – in the hope of reducing the spread of COVID-19 and preventing voters from having to choose between their health and exercising their right to vote. The order was challenged by the Wisconsin Republican Party and was ultimately overturned by the state Supreme Court’s Republican majority.

The controversy spilled into the White House briefing room when just two weeks ago, Donald Trump publicly advocated for strict in-person voting – even peddling conspiracy theories about the massive effort to institute vote-by-mail initiatives for the November General Election, which experts say will help prevent coronavirus from spreading and death tolls rising.

Days later, Trump doubled-down refusing to take any responsibility for Wisconsin voters who contracted COVID-19 due to Republican efforts to move forward with in-person voting during a pandemic.

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