Neenah, Wis. (October 16, 2020) – In answer to constituent questions, 55 th Assembly
District primary candidate Lauri Asbury announced at a recent WCRP meeting that she
is not endorsing any candidate for AD 55, citing differences of opinion about primary
solicitation for PAC money and platform positions.

The contentious 55 th Assembly primary set new precedents for involvement of outside
groups in a state assembly primary, including over $55,000 invested in the primary race
alone in support of candidate Cabral-Guevara at the end by Virginia based super PAC
groups Make Liberty Win and Americans for Prosperity. Up to that point, candidate
expenditures were similar.

As stated in a fundraiser video previously posted to her Facebook account, candidate
Guevara with assistance and endorsement from WI Rep. Shae Sortwell (R-Two Rivers),
signed on to super PAC policy positions soliciting support from Virginia based groups by
completing their surveys early in the primary. Per the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 1
Make Liberty Win and Americans for Prosperity came into the primary in support of
Guevara via numerous direct mailings and financing for aggressive canvassing and
electioneering by hired volunteers with no connection to the district.

Additionally, in association with Rep. Sortwell and his connection to WI NORML, the
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Guevara’s position favoring
legalizing marijuana as stated in a July 28 th debate and preceding interview with
Wisconsin Eye, does not represent the conservative platform. Both Guevara and Rep.
Sortwell have an “A-“ rating with NORML for “legalize, tax, and regulate, decriminalize,
and medical use of marijuana”, the same as the pro-cannabis rating for the democrat
running for the 55 th Assembly seat. 2

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