(Madison) The Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) calls on legislators to reject any proposal providing legal immunity to businesses and individuals who negligently expose their workers, customers, or visitors to COVID-19. WAJ urges Governor Evers to stand up for safety and veto any COVID-19 immunity bill that reaches his desk.

Recently, legislators began circulating and seeking co-sponsors for LRB-6434, a bill that would confer sweeping and unnecessary legal protections for businesses and individuals who expose Wisconsinites to COVID-19.
“Thousands of Wisconsinites have no choice but to put themselves at risk each and every day by going to work or leaving their homes to get products and services they need to survive,” said Beverly Wickstrom, President of WAJ. “These individuals deserve to know that their workplaces and the other locations they must visit are taking care to keep them safe.”
There is no wave of COVID litigation. As has been widely reported by multiple outlets nationwide, a database created and maintained by the corporate defense law firm Hunton Andrews Kurth reveals that there is no wave of litigation connected to COVID-19 exposure nationally or in the state of Wisconsin.
The civil justice system exists to make sure people’s rights are protected at the local level.
“Big government should not be stepping in and picking winners and losers on workplace protections and adequate precautions to ensure health and safety,” Wickstrom added. “There is no way the legislature can see from Madison whether people in every corner of the state are doing their best to keep people safe. Businesses that are taking adequate steps to ensure safety and reduce risk have nothing to fear. Legal immunity does nothing but give a green light to bad actors.”
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