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Angela Rachidi: Served as deputy commissioner for the New York City Department of Social Services from 2007-2015. She is now a Rowe Scholar in poverty studies at the American Enterprise Institute and is author of the new Badger Institute report “Wisconsin’s Missing Rung

Michael Luckey: Research assistant for Representative Mike Rohrkaste and former director of the Wisconsin Interagency Council on Homelessness

Pastor Jerome Smith: Founder of the Joseph Project, a Wisconsin nonprofit that connects job-seekers to employment opportunities

Michael Jahr: Senior Vice President for the Badger Institute

In January, The Badger Institute released Wisconsin’s Missing Rung, a report authored by Angela Rachidi, resident scholar in poverty studies at the American Enterprise Institute. Rachidi examined how the Badger State can better leverage three federal safety net programs – SNAP, TANF and the EITC – to advance employment goals for low-income families. She found that the most effective way for the state to help disadvantaged residents achieve self-reliance is to pair employment supports with policies designed to make receipt of benefits contingent upon employment. Her report concludes that while policies linked to work are critical to lifting people out of poverty, Wisconsin appears to be headed in the opposite direction.

For more details please contact Michael Jahr at 262-442-5208 or [email protected]

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