[Ripon, WI, March 9, 2020] Tate Barber, a lifelong native of Ripon, formally announced at the Birthplace of the Republican Party on Monday that he will be seeking candidacy in Wisconsin’s 41st Assembly district. The seat is currently held by Rep. Joan Ballweg who is running for State Senate.

“I’ve seen first-hand the impact that post-partisan legislation can have, and I want to carry that into the State Assembly. In a society that is too polarized, it’s time for a young leader to come in and make a difference. Working across the aisle is the only way to get that done. It’s time to stop playing politics and start getting to work,” announced Barber. “My neighbors here in the 41st district deserve someone who is going to look out for their best interests.”

Barber is confident that he is the man for the job, despite his age. “Many folks just find it refreshing to see a candidate who is willing to work across the aisle. It doesn’t matter how old or experienced you are; if you refuse to work with the other side, all that experience is worthless because you won’t accomplish anything.”

Tate Barber is a Ripon High School graduate and lifelong resident of the district. He is currently receiving his BA in Political Science at St. Norbert College, and has spent his spring semester in Washington D.C., working for a nonpartisan nonprofit organization.

“Spending a couple months outside of the district has really opened up my worldview,” added Barber. “I have a lot of new ideas that I’m excited to bring to my district.”

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