Oshkosh, WI – August 4, 2020
I am excited and humbled to receive endorsements from Youth Climate Action Team, Sunrise Movement Appleton, Progressive Rising, Mike McCabe, and Nick Teifke. Youth Climate Action Team and Sunrise Movement Appleton are youth-led activist organizations urgently taking on climate change. Progressive Rising is an organization that exists to help give Progressives in rural red districts hope by supporting candidates that support Medicare for All single-payer healthcare, a Green New Deal, racial justice, rural & agricultural reform while accepting no corporate money. Mike McCabe ran an inspiring run for Governor in 2018 that was fueled by grassroots support, and has been a lifelong Wisconsin political activist. Nick Teifke is a Fond du Lac School District Board of Education member that is committed to bettering his community by doing things differently, all in the name of providing the best environment possible for education.
The endorsements come at an extremely crucial time in the primary race to be the Democratic nominee to unseat Rep. Glenn Grothman. These endorsements legitimize and showcase the work this campaign is doing to urgently fight climate change, provide a better healthcare system, and address the needs of both the rural and urban communities in this district. Quotes from the endorsers are below.


Mike McCabe adds:
“Mike Beardsley doesn’t straddle the fence or dodge tough issues. He is unafraid to lead on the toughest problems facing our country. He knows our broken health care system needs a major overhaul, isn’t afraid to say so, and is committed to making it happen. He knows that climate change is real and is a global emergency that threatens public health and our economy, and he supports bold action to deal with the crisis. Mike is not cut from the same cloth as typical politicians. He’s a breath of fresh air that’s so needed in Congress.”
Nick Teifke adds:


“Mike has impressed me from the first time I heard about his candidacy with his ability to propose specific plans to address the real issues facing our country. His bold policy positions on the environment, healthcare and the rural economy are exactly what we need in the 6th District from our representative.”


Sunrise Movement Appleton adds:


“Sunrise Appleton is proud to endorse Michael Beardsley for Congress in Wisconsin’s 6th district. At 26 years old, he is a first-time candidate for public office and one of Bernie Sanders’ elected delegates to the 2020 DNC.
Michael is a firm supporter of the Green New Deal, with a vision of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through investments in sustainable transportation, ending fossil fuel subsidies, and a federal jobs guarantee to create sustainable farming and production opportunities in Wisconsin. His concern for Wisconsin farmers is clear in his support for the right to repair equipment and his support for government subsidies for small farms. He supports the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and hopes to promote community involvement in police accountability. A genuine person, a good listener and a transparent politician, Michael is running to be the leader he wanted to see as a voter, and has the health, safety and future of his district in mind.”
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