Fort Atkinson, WI:  In response to Governor Evers’
Department of Health Services Executive Order #3 to limit mass
gatherings indoors, 33rd Assembly District Democratic
candidate and Fort Atkinson City Council President Mason
Becker made the following statement:

“It didn’t have to be like this,” Becker said. “More than 175
days ago, experts told us what we needed to do to gain control
over this pandemic: social distancing, wearing a mask, and not
gathering in large crowds. Republicans – including my opponent
–   are putting partisanship over human life and our safety. They
have refused to work with the Governor, refused to listen to the
advice of experts, refused to take actions to keep us safe and
keep our economy functioning. Instead of getting to work to
help Wisconsinites – like my family – affected by this pandemic,
my opponent has sent out angry press releases calling the
Governor a dictator and traveled across the district ignoring
public health guidelines, despite Fort Atkinson being named a
COVID hotspot and Fort Healthcare recently reaching
maximum capacity. The response to the pandemic in Madison

has been partisan politics of the worst kind. Madison is broken.
It’s way past time for Representatives Vos and Horlacher to do
their jobs, and it’s time for Wisconsinites to send representatives
to Madison who will put people before partisanship.”

“As a restaurant owner, I understand the pain that our small
businesses and all the people of our community are feeling,”
Becker continued. “A raging uncontrolled pandemic is hurting
us small business owners much more than any government
order. Many of our customers simply won’t return until this
virus is under control. It’s also putting tremendous strain on our
families. My wife tested positive for COVID. While she made a
quick recovery, many others have not been so fortunate. Our
lives – and the lives of so many Wisconsinites, including small
business owners – have been upended because of the lack of
responsible leadership in Madison and Washington.”

“The science is clear: the best thing we can all do to get our
economy back to normal and our children back in school as
quickly as possible is wear a mask and social distance. That’s
what will help small businesses, not partisan bickering,” Becker

Mason Becker grew up in Fort Atkinson, where he and his wife
Laura are raising their two sons. Becker is part of a family
restaurant business, and currently is serving in his third term on
the Fort Atkinson City Council. He is in his third year as City
Council President. Becker has been endorsed by over 30 unions,
community organizations and elected officials on both sides of
the -aisle for his commitment to put progress over partisanship
and return to results in Madison for the constituents of the 33rd

Assembly District, which includes parts of Walworth,
Waukesha, and Jefferson counties.

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