Madison, WI– Brian Benford has officially announced his candidacy to succeed Marsha Rummel for District 6 of the Madison Common Council.

The 61-year-old father of five has spent the past three decades serving in community-based organizations, supporting our most vulnerable and marginalized neighbors to reach their full potentials.

Public service is nothing new to Brian. He previously served two terms as the District 12 Alder on the Madison Common Council and as President of the Equal Opportunities Commission for the City of Madison. In those roles, Brian worked tirelessly to ensure that all individuals had access to the political process, especially those from marginalized communities or without the ability to make their voices heard.

Throughout his career, Brian has helped people facing housing insecurities, food scarcity, lack of access to quality health services, immigration concerns, limited employment options, nonexistent childcare opportunities, and educational disparities. Brian believes the City of Madison must take aggressive action to protect individuals, families, and businesses from the economic fallout of COVID-19.

Brian shares that “For 30 years I have dedicated my life to the service of our most marginalized communities. As a former Madison alderperson, president of the City of Madison’s Equal Opportunities Commission, advocate, educator and activist, I have served children, parents, families and communities to reach their full potentials. Long before the uncertain times brought on by COVID-19, I have fought tirelessly to provide a voice for those that are underrepresented in Madison. I will continue this fight as your next alderperson for District 6.

Now, more than ever, we need political leaders that can bring diverse people together in unity, respect and love to forge a new, safe, socially just and equitable Madison. As your alder, I will help our community reimagine public safety, fight for real affordable housing, create pathways for sustainable jobs that pay a living wage and to ensure that everybody living in Madison has a seat at the table.”

Brian currently serves as a success coach for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Odyssey
Project, which empowers low-income adults and youth in discovering their voices through
educational access and community based learning. It was through this very program that Brian earned his Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Master’s in Social Work. In addition, Brian also works as Prevention Coordinator at Domestic Abuse Intervention Services and Resource Specialist with Operation Fresh Start. He was a candidate for State Senate in 2020.

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