The press charter touched down at Green Bay International Airport at 12:25 p.m. CT/1:25p ET. On the approach, your pooler caught a brief overhead glimpse of Lambeau Field, a day after the Packers defeated the Detroit Lions in their home opener, 42-21.

It’s a hazy, sunny day here with a temperature of 70 degrees F.

Ahead of Mr. Biden’s speech in Manitowoc, a campaign aide provided this preview on background:


Biden will address the devastating news that more than 200,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. He’ll warn against the risk of growing numb to the increasing death toll, and say that we can and must adopt measures like mask wearing to prevent an additional 200,000 deaths this year. He’ll call out a brutal truth: Donald Trump didn’t lie to prevent a panic, Trump panicked, and now 200,000 American families have paid the price

And, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Biden will make his pitch directly to Obama-Trump voters. After Obama won Manitowoc by more than seven points in 2008, Trump won the county by more than 21 points in 2016.

Biden will refer back to his Scranton vs Park Avenue theme. He’ll say that when he looks at a problem, he thinks about how it impacts his old friends and neighbors in Scranton – while Trump only worries about Wall Street.

Biden will say that he understands there are people who voted for Trump because he talked about the forgotten man, but as soon as he won, Trump forgot them. And, Biden promises that he’ll be their champion — he’ll fight for American jobs, the dignity of work, and be a President for ALL Americans.

Building off our remarks in Michigan on Buy American, in Minnesota, and in the CNN Town Hall in Scranton last week, Biden will once again be on offense taking his argument directly to the American people.

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