On Tuesday, Biden for President Wisconsin held a youth voter registration rally with actor Busy Philipps, former Olympic medalist and figure skater Michelle Kwan, and college students across Wisconsin. At the rally, the participants emphasized the important role that young voters will play in this election and encouraged college students across Wisconsin to register to vote. They also highlighted the numerous options that voters have to cast their ballots — including by mail, early in person, and in person on election day.

Additionally, the event highlighted Joe Biden’s plans to combat gun violenceclimate change, and the student debt crisis.

“A Biden-Harris administration will put together these plans that will transform the lives of young people. That will help invest in our community, and will create millions of good paying jobs…Joe and Kamala will work to address the gun violence epidemic head on and getting weapons of war off the streets, holding gun manufacturers accountable and expanding funding for mental services,” said Michelle Kwan.

“I’m just so inspired by your generation’s activism, and I know that Joe and Kamala are as well. They know that they owe it to you to show up and to make the real changes, and we can do it. I know that we can do it. …You have to have the right people in place to make the process work for you. Joe and Kamala will make that work for us… I know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ready to roll up their sleeves, and day one get to work, and try to repair and try to fix some of these fundamental issues that our country has. Joe Biden has bold plans that will be transformative for your lives,” said Busy Philipps.

“I just want to highlight that this pandemic impacted students not just because of prom or  walking the stage, but for part time internships, campus jobs, job opportunities that were yanked. For people that were sustaining their education and their livelihood…A lot of people have been impacted on the cusp of adulthood,” said National Director of Students for Biden Lubna Sebastian.

“Wisconsin is actually at the intersection of climate injustice and what climate change will do to our country…We have the largest freshwater system in North America, the Great Lakes, our state is blessed to touch Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. I live on Lake Michigan, and Milwaukee does not stand to survive, quite frankly, if the oceans rise any further. We are on the water if the oceans rise, then the Great Lakes rise and our city will be destroyed and that’s why I’m so excited about the Biden-Harris ticket and Joe’s amazing, stellar build back better plans for the environment, which is one of the most ambitious and awesome environment plans that I have ever seen,” said Marquette University student Eric Rorholm.

“I think that something great and awesome about our generation is that we have this amazing, beautiful, boundless empathy for other people and that we just want to work what’s best for everyone around us and not just for ourselves. So we’ve proven with these protests, these petitions, these letters that we’ve been writing that we want to stand up for others. We’re willing to get in the fight, take this action, and make history, so we can make lives better for everyone in America –we just need to continue bringing this energy that we’ve been building the last couple of months to the polls, so we can really, really pound in that we want to make this difference,” said University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student Madeline Miner.

“Had Donald Trump taken COVID-19 more seriously, we would have been able to have our final two years of college as a regular college experience, and we unfortunately don’t have that right now and I’m trying to convince friends to vote. I often talk about how when Joe Biden gets into office we will be able to live out a senior year as normal,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison student Avra Reddy

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