Yesterday, Congressman Mark Pocan and Democratic National Convention Committee CEO Joe Solmonese kicked off Wisconsin Out for Biden — a grassroots coalition of LGBTQ+ voters organizing across Wisconsin to elect Joe Biden.

Out for Biden will work in every corner of the state to organize and mobilize LGBTQ+ and pro-equality voters in support of Biden. The launch of Wisconsin Out for Biden comes as the Democratic National Convention will have historic LGBTQ+ delegate representation this year.

“It is so important that we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on November 3. We have to have the Equality Act in place, we have to fix the ban on transgender service in the military…Donald Trump has done his very best to create chaos around this election, specifically to create chaos around how your ballot comes in the mail,” said Congressman Mark Pocan.

“I have fallen in love with this city…We will use this convention to lift up the values of the Democratic Party, as an opportunity for Vice President Biden and Senator Harris to make their case to the American people — and talk about how it is they are going to bring us into the general election,” said Democratic National Convention Committee CEO Joe Solmonese.

“We are going to work to unify America around the critical task of electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November, so that we can build that more just, more democratic and kinder country that we all know and deserve and we will really have an opportunity to make history and move the country forward on LGBTQ+ rights,” said DNC Secretary Jason Rae.

“It is the most pro-equality ticket in American history and we have that to celebrate…we get to celebrate the future, we get to celebrate nominating two people who care about our community and will fight for our community as president and vice president,” said Biden for President LGBTQ+ Vote Director Reggie Greer.


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