Today, ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to Wisconsin, Wisconsinite and Democratic National Committee Secretary Jason Rae, who will call the roll of states at the Democratic National Convention, released the following statement:

“If Donald Trump truly wants to hear from the people of Wisconsin, he should tune into the Democratic Convention to listen to the stories of hardworking Wisconsinites who have been hurt by his horrific response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus cases continue to rise in Wisconsin, many are out of work, and families are greatly suffering due to Donald Trump’s failed leadership. Now, instead of putting the wellbeing and safety of Wisconsinites first, Donald Trump is once again focused on his own gain. The only reason Trump should be coming here during the pandemic would be to deliver desperately needed testing supplies, which his administration has reportedly and inexplicably diverted away from the state. This week the contrast in this election for Wisconsinites will be crystal clear and the Badger State won’t be fooled by Trump’s Oshkosh photo-op.”


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