Yesterday, ahead of the first presidential debate, Senator Elizabeth Warren hosted a “What’s at Stake” virtual organizing event with Attorney General Josh Kaul. The leaders highlighted what’s at stake for health care in this election and outlined Joe Biden’s plan to provide high-quality, affordable health care for Americans and protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

The event comes as President Trump continues his assault on protections for the more than 2.4 million individuals in Wisconsin with pre-existing conditions, including over 300,000 children. If President Trump succeeds in his attempt to overturn the Affordable Care Act, more than 150,000 Wisconsinites stand to lose their coverage, driving up the rate of uninsured nonelderly individuals in the state by 35%.

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“Even before this crisis, our health care system was broken,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren. “Families were getting crushed by health care costs. People of color, especially African Americans, experience deep disparities in health care.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Biden campaign ramps up messaging on health care with Supreme Court vote looming

MADISON – The issue of whether pre-existing health conditions will continue to be covered has returned as a central issue to the presidential campaign here in Wisconsin — a message Democrats successfully used to sweep statewide races in Wisconsin just two years ago.


“The stakes around affordable health care could not be higher in this election. If President Trump gets his way in court, insurers could discriminate against or drop coverage for the 2.4 million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions — including more than 300,000 children — all in the midst of a global health pandemic,” Danielle Melfi, Biden campaign state director, said in a statement.


The Biden campaign is holding six events or press calls on the issue, according to the campaign. On Tuesday, former Democratic presidential frontrunner Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts held a “What’s at Stake” for health care virtual organizing event for Wisconsin voters.


“President Trump’s attempt to jam through the nomination of an activist judge as people are voting underscores what we already knew: health care is on the ballot. Families in the Badger State can’t afford President Trump’s chaotic ‘repeal with no plan to replace’ approach to health care. It doesn’t have to be this way,” Baldwin said in a statement.


When asked what his plan is to replace the Affordable Care Act, Trump insisted he had a plan but offered no details and instead claimed he would help protect Americans with preexisting conditions.

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“Senator Elizabeth Warren will host a virtual health care event in Wisconsin. She’ll discuss Joe Biden’s health care plan with Wisconsin leaders — highlighting his plan to protect those with pre-existing conditions.”

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