Yesterday, on the first day of in-person early voting in Wisconsin, Joe Biden urged Wisconsinites to make a plan to vote and outlined why he is the clear choice for the Badger State. In interviews with WISC Madison and WISN Milwaukee, Vice President Biden spoke about his plan to build back better and help Wisconsinties recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, how he’ll address racial inequities, and his plan for rural America.

Wisconsinites can visit for more information on how to cast their ballot.

“First of all, I urge them [Wisconsinites] to go out and vote in person, starting today. You can register when you vote. You just need to bring along a photo ID and proof [of residence]. Go to to figure out where and how to vote, and most importantly, vote early,” Vice President Biden said as he spoke with WISC Madison.

Watch on WISC Madison

When asked what the first thing he would do as president on day one to get the coronavirus under control in states like Wisconsin, Biden said “Take responsibility. This president says it’s not his responsibility. The federal government’s role is to have a national response to tackle this national pandemic, but Donald Trump took no responsibility, failed and continues to fail to do that. I put my plan out in March, you can read it all online.”

Watch on WISN (ABC) Milwaukee

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